Watch The Nikko Jenkins Story

Watch The Nikko Jenkins Story

The decide ordered a psychiatric analysis, and a psychiatrist concluded that Jenkins had antisocial personality disorder and was faking psychotic signs. OMAHA, Neb. — A sentencing hearing is again anticipated to be delayed for a person facing a possible demise sentence for killing 4 people in Omaha just weeks after he left jail. Erica Jenkins has since been sentenced to life in jail for killing Bradford. She has additionally been convicted of robbing Uribe-Pena and Cajiga-Ruiz before her brother shot and killed them. Jenkins was sentenced to death after a violent killing spree in August 2013.

  • » Lori Jenkins, 49, is serving a 16-yr sentence for buying the 12-gauge ammunition that son Nikko Jenkins used to kill three of his four victims.
  • Warren J. Levering, 51 and uncle of Nikko Jenkins, was also at the scene of the murder and took part fully.
  • Jenkins, who turns 27 subsequent month, was launched from jail after spending his entire grownup life there for 2 robberies and two assaults.
  • Kleine said Friday that preliminary post-mortem results confirmed that Wheeler was fatally shot within the left facet of his chest.

A protection psychiatrist has testified at hearings that Jenkins suffers from schizophrenia and perhaps a bipolar disorder, while state psychiatrists have testified that Jenkins is faking mental sickness. Jenkins has insisted he doesn’t bear in mind the killings and that an Egyptian god ordered him to kill the 4 as human sacrifices. A group fighting the dying penalty petitions is working with a $four hundred,000 donation from the Proteus Action League, asking voters to “decline to sign” the petitions.

Nebraska Man Desires Supreme Court Docket To Evaluate Demise Sentence

On the subject of tattoos, Floyd acknowledged telling police that the person who provided the shotgun had tattoos on his neck. Seconds later, Floyd testified that Wells handed over two shotgun shells and advised Nikko Jenkins one was good and one wasn’t. Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon is predicted to announce a call at 2 p.m.

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The case, and Nebraska’s inexcusable disregard of Jenkins’ personal warnings, obtained widespread attention in Nebraska. Jenkins is on demise row in Nebraska after killing four folks in Omaha shortly after his 2013 launch from prison, the place he had served 10 years for 2 carjackings. Jenkins pleaded no contest to the killings and a three-judge panel was appointed to sentence him.

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